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Rogelio A. Avatar

4 star rating   Wanted to try something new and came across this place, food was great, service was quick and very normal, prices weren't too pricey and if your looking to get full they are definitely not stingy with the meat portions. I'd definitely say check this place out!!

Rogelio A. 6/03/2017
Jeff H. Avatar

4 star rating   I love the food from here. It's excellent quality and the meals are self contained.  They come with white rice on the left side of the container and the meat, in my case, or shrimp, is on the right. Very convenient to eat and not messy. It's rather pricey when you realize that you never have any leftovers being served this way. They deliver less food, but it's priced like their competitors who deliver in many cases, much more food. I live alone so leftovers aren't that big a deal with me anymore. But do understand they are being quite clever in how they get away with managing their food costs. You do get 1 excellent meal, just no leftovers per se

Jeff H. 7/27/2017
Sharon E. Avatar

5 star rating   I have eaten at a new place called Ginger Zing. Oh my goodness great chinese food for a fair price, and the taste is amazing. I have been back at least 5 times now trying different menu items. Chicken and beef dishes.cheese puffs and spring rolls, everything taste great. Homemade food now  I'm working on soups and dishes i have never had before. Great place to eat you all have to try Ginger Zing.

Sharon E. 9/11/2017
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