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Mary H. Avatar

5 star rating   Have ordered delivery a few times from here and consistently the food has been amazing.

Pad Thai, rice noodles, Hawaiian chicken and cheese puffs have all been delicious. I will soon branch out and try some new items.

I ordered tonight and decided to pick up because I did a check in for a free order of cheese puffs and clicked on it (timer starts) because I was sure I would be able to use it when I got there. Unfortunately the lady working this evening said she couldn't honor it and a manager wasn't available to say otherwise. She told me she'd make an note for them and I could use it another time when I explained there's a timer and wouldn't be able to. She apologized and I understand things happen so I'm not mad. Not sure if it's a yelp or restaurant error but I hope the owner sees this post and maybe communicates with their employees or yelp so there's not any upset guest.

I am def a ginger zing regular from now on, their food really is amazing.

Mary H. 1/14/2018
Sienna P. Avatar

5 star rating   I have never been here but my mother had and convinced me to try it as well. The place is small and cute, only like 3-4 tables because it mainly is a takeout place. The menu was on  the left wall and we ordered the Mandarin Orange Chicken, Mongolian Beef, and Thai Peanut Chicken. We asked for sauce on the side for the orange chicken. We asked again after they had brought out our to-go order and made sure the sauce was on the side.  I'm stressing this because my mom said by the time you get home, the chicken gets soggy and it's not good. So she recommends everyone to get sauce on the side and pop the lid of the chicken when in the car (so it can't get soggy).

Hungry as I was, I dove in head first on the way out of our parking spot for the crab puffs (ask about the free crabpuffs if your order is over $20, I don't know how exactly often you can use it, but this was the second time my mom got this free special). We saw that our chicken did NOT have sauce on the side. My mother went back in and told them about it and the boss was super gentle and sweet. He instantly ran back to the kitchen to remake another Mandarin Orange Chicken for us. He also insisted we keep the Mandarin Orange Chicken we already had. He was honestly so nice.

We got the food home and it was great. The portions I think are kind of on the smaller side. It could feed one person, maybe two if you both don't eat too much. However, the food I think was great and I am not complaining. I already know I am going to come here again.

Sienna P. 1/12/2017
Rogelio A. Avatar

4 star rating   Wanted to try something new and came across this place, food was great, service was quick and very normal, prices weren't too pricey and if your looking to get full they are definitely not stingy with the meat portions. I'd definitely say check this place out!!

Rogelio A. 6/03/2017
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